Behind The Name

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Interior Design firms are most often named for the principal designer(s) who started the business and that is really no different for Trade Mark Interiors…

As a young girl I was quite protective of my toys – dolls, doll houses, kitchen sets, etc. The usual “girl” toys. I never really worried about losing any of my belongings as my parents had taken care to have my initials placed on just about everything I played with – “TM”. I was quite proud of this. I don’t quite remember how many years went by before the dreadful conversation I had with my father about this. He laughed and laughed…I was taken aback. What could he possible be laughing about? Once he settled down, he explained that the ‘TM’ was actually for a Trademark – not, Tracee Murphy. I was devastated, but my lifelong connection with ‘TM’ now had a slightly different meaning, but the connection just as strong. Trade Mark has always had a special place in my heart!