It’s all Black & White!

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It’s all Black & White!

BW floor

Watching a little Kardashians over the weekend – yes, it was a lazy kinda weekend – I am almost more interested in their matching black & white interiors as I am in their drama filled lives! Almost… I have had a long-standing love affair with a couple of things in design: black & white floors and front doors. I’ll leave front doors for another day…

I’ve always thought that this love of a classic b/w checkerboard floor was shared by most until I mentioned it to my “real” love as we were discussing building a home together. He quickly said he didn’t care for it and that I could have it in the laundry room or something. Really? It would make a great laundry room, but I don’t like to hang out in the laundry room, so why would I put a treasured design element in a room I won’t enjoy? Ugh. Good thing I have some time to work him over!

As I sit here in my b/w houndstooth upholstered chair with red legs looking at a charcoal grey sofa with b/w pillows scattered about, it’s no wonder that I’m writing about this love affair. My friend, office-mate, and stylist extraordinaire Jackie Rogers once told me I was not allowed to buy another black dress. WHAT? I have no way of understanding that concept. Black and white fashion is gorgeous, sophisticated, classic, and EASY! Visit Jackie at

I’m putting a stake in the ground ….. I will get my b/w floor and I will buy more black dresses!


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