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With Valentines Day looming ahead this week, I can’t help but to think about love and celebrations. I’m not one to make a big deal of this particular holiday, but was reminded last night while texting one of my friends for now 20+ years. Now, it’s a little hard to explain her, but let me just say that when she was about to have her first Valentines Day with her now husband, I had to warn him. This was not the time to just get a card. Nope. This was “THE” holiday of the year. Candy hearts all around the house, flowers, special themed table decorations, elaborately planned menus, gifts, massages, and of course, the day off of work. Yep, it’s true. Now I don’t know too may people that go all out for Valentines Day, but the idea is kinda nice. What’s better to celebrate than L.O.V.E.? Ok, Dianna… you win!

Taking the obvious romantic & family love out of the equation (too predictable for Valentines Day!), what’s left? A look into a few things I love related to travel, food, fashion & interior design (of course)!


Santorini Greece. The magical and beautiful Katikies Hotel in the charming village of Oia is the place to go for romance and luxury. The views of the Caldera from many points in Santorini are truly spectacular!

Katikies Hotel


On a recent trip to Miami to visit my daughter, we had the wonderful experience of dining at Barton G’s. Wow! What a delightful experience and visually fulfilling evening that satisfies all the senses. The pictures will do all the talking…
barton g

In the midst of Fashion Week in NYC, I’m falling in love with the new looks being presented on the runway! Diane Von Furstenberg and Victoria Beckham have some amazing looks. I can’t wait to see how these translate into the home interior design palette ☺
Victoria Beckham
Interior Design:

Mirrors are a great way to add light, reflection, elegance and glamour to your home furnishing plan! Here a few interesting oversized and cleverly placed mirrors that will provide great inspiration for thinking about your loves this week! Enjoy!


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