How To Download Whastsapp Plus Apk For Android & PC

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WhatsApp Plus is the most popular app used for chatting and instant messaging. Using internet connectivity, the app enables sending and receiving text messages, media, documents, locations and contacts. Since its launch, WhatsApp became easily popular and one of the most downloaded app. But, using the default features provided by the app became too boring.

Hence, a modified app called WhatsApp Plus was soon launched. With loads of advantages and features, this app gives a better user interface. This article lists down all the exciting features of WhatsApp Plus.

Amazing WhatsApp Plus Features

If you want to use Download WhatsApp Plus Apk but, do not know what features does the app provide, then have a look at some of the most catchy features listed below:

  1. The Last Seen, double ticks and the blue ticks can be hidden. This provides more privacy.
  2. It is possible to make unlimited video calls to your contacts.
  3. In the latest update, group invite links can be created to share them with a collection of friends.
  4. All voice calls can be disabled through a single click, through a special feature.
  5. The “Always Online” option displays an online status till the device is connected to an internet connection.
  6. The chats can be easily customized according to your comfort.
  7. Files like “DOC” and “PDF” can be shared in a hassle free manner.
  8. Chat themes are changeable and can be shared with friends.
  9. The WhatsApp icon color can be changed through the app drawer.
  10. The chats can be locked without using any third party apps.
  11. The conversion sty can be changed for every WhatsApp Plus
  12. The status bar can now incorporate a status as long as 225 characters.
  13. All media can be shared without any quality degradation.
  14. A specific log file keeps a record of online activities of all the contacts.
  15. WhatsApp Plus supports strong backup.

How to download WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus app is not available on any of the app stores, hence it is supposed to be downloaded as a third party app. It can be downloaded from any of the links available online. Once the “download” button is clicked, the app starts downloading easily. A backup and sync need to be performed to copy all data from the official version. Once, the backup is created, the official WhatsApp messaging app can be uninstalled.

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After going through the above article, it is easy to understand and asses WhatsApp Plus and how it can be downloaded on an Android device. The app is legit and safe to use and it proves to be a better version of the regular not-so-happening WhatsApp.

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