Tracee Murphy
NCIDQ (FL ID 5829)

An award winning interior designer located in Sarasota, offering creative vision & execution for interiors and events. 

Tracee specializes in designing spaces that reflect ‘Your Style ofLiving’, making sure that each project is unique and reflective of the homeowner or business occupying the space. While not following a singular design aesthetic for every project, Tracee does have a passion for classic styling with a relaxed & sophisticated feeling. Inviting interiors tell the best stories! Her projects include luxury residential new construction, multi-family clubhouses, executive corporate offices and events of all shapes & sizes. 

As a licensed Interior Designer in the state of Florida, she is regularly attending continuing education and staying abreast of the codes and requirements to maintain healthy and safe interiors. In addition, Tracee is an avid pursuer of the latest and greatest product introductions in the industry.

Tracee is passionate about traveling the world, walking the beach, enjoying the “salt life”, all while soaking in all the art & culture that Sarasota has to offer.  She is happy to attend any wine event you would like to invite her to! Most of all, she enjoys spending time with her family and little Havashire dog, George Washington. You can follow little GW on Instagram too.  

Behind the Trade Mark Name

Being envious of anyone that could buy personalized items in the gift shops, Tracee was only consoled by all her toys being branded with her initials. TM - she was quite proud of this. Until one day around 8 or 9 years old, her dad broke the news to her, all while laughing his heart out. He explained that the ‘TM’ was actually for a Trademark – not, Tracee Murphy. Although devastated to learn that every TM was not for her, Trade Mark was now part of her life story. …..And, sadly, she still can’t buy anything personalized off the shelves in the gift shop.

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