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Eco-Friendly Interior Design Tips

There are a lot of great reasons for making your home more eco-friendly, like helping the environment and saving money. Eco-friendly products can also be more efficient and last longer than their counterparts. Having an interior design team in Sarasota for your renovation or new home build will help ensure that you are incorporating eco-friendly options at all stages of your project.

Eco-Friendly Interior Design Tips

  • Have efficient windows installed to make sure the interior temperature stays constant no matter the winter. Heat can seep out (or in) and cause the heat or air conditioner to have to work harder. 
  • Upgrade your appliances to make sure they are all Energy Star certified. This will save you money over the long-term and help the environment without sacrificing performance. 
  • Select sustainable flooring options, like cork or bamboo. 
  • While not the most glamorous part of interior design, making sure your home is properly insulated is perhaps the most important part of conserving energy.
  • Smart home technology continues to get smarter, more efficient and easier to use. Outfit your whole house with smart home tech to be able to control temperature, lights, and more from your phone.

Simple Design Tips to Make Your Home More Environmentally Friendly

If the budget is not there right now to make big eco-friendly changes, here are some simple design tips you can do right away to make your home more environmentally friendly:

  • One of the easiest ways to make your home more environmentally friendly is to swap out your light bulbs with energy efficient LED bulbs. 
  • Use low flow faucets and shower heads to conserve water. 
  • Another design tip is to utilize natural lighting as much as possible. Try positioning your desk near a window that gets a lot of sunlight. 
  • Buy heavy curtains to keep out cold air during our Florida “winter” nights and to keep cool air in during those hot summer days.
  • Add living plants to your home not only for the décor, but they help filter out toxins in the air.

What else does the TM team do to help the environment? We’re glad you asked! Our CEO, Tracee, has been involved with Mote Marine doing sea turtle patrol along our beautiful beaches here in Sarasota. Sea turtle nesting season starts in mid-April along the Gulf Coast. Be sure to abide by any lighting regulations and don’t disturb any turtle nests you may find along the coast.

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