We have some exciting news to share, we have a NEW Design Studio!

Our team has been working hard on all the behind-the-scenes excitement of designing a studio space that was perfect for not only our team but a place where our clients could also come in and be inspired just as much as we are!

We asked Tracee and Kristin of our TMI team their thoughts on our new studio!

What are you most excited about in the new studio?

Tracee: A newly designed space that each of us worked on in the true TMI collaborative way!  The extra storage, which is beautiful and efficient, is inspiring! 

Kristin: I love that we have so much more open space! It was really great getting to see everything that we had in the old studio – not that it was so great organizing it all! But, we really have a ton of amazing samples and it was a nice refresh of vendors and materials to really get the creative vibes flowing! 

And, who doesn’t love fresh and new things! 

What inspired the new studio design?

Kristin: ​​We started our new office design like any of our projects: a design style. All of us worked on it, so it was a true team collaboration. Once we all agreed on the design style, we each had spaces to design. Just like the rest of our projects, we would review each other’s work and get every space to feel cohesive and well thought through. We couldn’t be happier! 

What is your favorite design element of the new studio?

Tracee: The library is amazing with the cool wall-covering backdrop. Our window treatments are not yet installed – but will be the same pattern as the wall!

What do you feel the new studio will bring/provide to the TMI mission?

Tracee: We are all about creating stylish and functional interiors.  This interior is true to that mission with a heavy hand on function for us to produce our design work.  It’s exciting to come to work in a fresh studio with a cohesive and beautiful interior.

Kristin: Our goal is to remain style-forward in all of our designs. I think the new studio showcases a timeless design that enhances our overall aesthetic. It’s definitely somewhere that we will be proud to bring our clients to and a great representation of some of our favorite brands.


Be sure to stay up to date with all of our final Design Studio touches and the OFFICAL full reveal of our new space coming soon on Instagram & Facebook!

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