Tracee Murphy

17 Jun

How to Choose an Interior Designer

Are you ready to renovate your home? Or maybe you are building a custom home? [...]
19 May

Understanding the Psychology of Color in Interior Design

Have you ever walked into a room and felt relaxed or energized? Color psychology can [...]
13 May

Designer Q&A – Part 2

Our interior design team gets asked a lot of questions, and we wanted to share [...]
21 Apr

Designer Q&A – Part 1

Our interior designers in Sarasota get asked a lot of questions about trends and how-tos, [...]
Kitchen Renovations
14 Apr

Eco-Friendly Interior Design Tips

There are a lot of great reasons for making your home more eco-friendly, like helping [...]
31 Mar

Home Renovation Tips for Homeowners

Having your entire home renovated? While this is an exciting time, it also can be [...]
10 Mar

Trade Mark Interiors … As Seen In Elle Decor!

We are so excited to announce our latest feature in Elle Décor magazine!  From [...]
23 Feb

Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

One great thing about being an interior designer in Florida is that we get to [...]
11 Feb

Aging Gracefully In Your Home

Today on the blog we are talking about aging gracefully! Well, at least about aging [...]
11 Feb

Meet the Team

Trade Mark Interior Design in Sarasota is about “Your Style of Living.” Our goal is [...]
28 Jan

Tips for Starting a Home Remodel Project

Are you considering remodeling your home?  Need some tips to help you along the way?  [...]
16 Jan

Interior Designer vs. Interior Decorator

The terms interior designer and interior decorator are often used interchangeably, even though there are [...]