Master Bedroom Design Tips

Dec 30, 2020 | Interior Design Tips

If you are thinking about upgrading your master bedroom and would like some tips to get you going in the right direction – look no further.  A good place to start is to determine what you want that space to feel like.  Do you want a resort feel?  Or maybe something a little more traditional?  Whatever the style, this space should be a place of relaxation.  In order for your room to be a true retreat, we recommend that you do not think about putting a desk or exercise equipment in this space if you can prevent it.  Really make your master bedroom your sanctuary, a place to block out all of the hectic-ness of life. Get started on your redesign with these bedroom design tips. 

Master Bedroom Design Tips

Select your colors

Neutrals are always a safe choice for a bedroom. 

  • Popular choices:  Ivory, Taupe, Black, Gray, and White  

Pastels can also provide a peaceful feel and an elegant look.

  • Popular choices:  Soft blues, Lavenders, Greens, Yellows, and Pinks

Bold or darker colors can feel like a warm hug.

  • Popular choices:  Dark Chocolate Brown, Bronze Tones, Black, Rich Gray, and Mossy Green

Keep in mind the size of your space and how you want the flow to be in your room.  You will want it to be easy to move around in the room.  Try to leave three feet of space between the bed and the walls.  Tuck away your chest of drawers in the closet if possible.  If you like to read, create a cozy corner to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea (or a glass of wine!).  Add in your own personal touches to make the space relaxing for you.  Even if you don’t like to read it is often nice to include a cozy chair or an ottoman in your bedroom. 


Lighting is important to a bedroom.  You can have different levels of lighting.  Include ambient lighting, the use of light dimmers wherever possible, and a lamp on a bedside table. Also, accent lights can help illuminate soft colored walls.  When thinking of lighting and how your windows come into play – make sure you have natural light during the day.  You can layer in the window treatments to control the level of light you let in the room or the light you decide to block out.  

Clutter-free zone

It is so important to have a clutter-free zone in your bedroom.  We should experience a serene feeling and a sense of calm when we are in our bedrooms.  Tidy up and eliminate all of the unnecessary items in the room.  If you have clutter in this space, it can be distracting and may influence the much-needed relaxed feeling.  Pair a clutter-free space with some luxurious linens and textures.  You will never want to leave the room. 

Embrace natural textures 

To add warmth, incorporate some natural elements into the room. You can decide to add in a wood plank wall or ceiling.  Use floating wood shelves, bedside tables in natural wood, or even wood accents.  Another option is to add in a simple wood bench – or an upholstered bench with wood legs.

Smaller spaces

If you have a smaller space you may want to go with a neutral color and add pops of color or clever patterns to enhance the interest in the room.  Built-in cabinets and recessed headboards can help to optimize the use of the space.  Accenting one of the longest walls with wallpaper or painting the wall a contrasting color can help give the illusion of more space by enhancing the positive.


Metallics can provide some glitz and glam to your room.  Even the smallest of touches like hardware accents on the dresser, lamps, or the framework of a mirror.  This works well especially when you are going for more of a French Elegance.  Ornate trims and gold-tone touches surrounded by luxurious textures giving the room a more elegant inspired setting.


When the furnishings in a room are very symmetrical it tends to lend itself to more of a formal style. If you keep the color palette limited you can bring soft touches like a soft rug or a plush throw to give it a more welcoming, warm feeling.

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There are so many wonderful style options when it comes to the master bedroom.  These are just a few of our expert bedroom design tips.  The possibilities are endless.   A feeling of romance in the room or a cozy space to settle into, whatever you need the space to be – Trade Mark Interiors is always happy to help bring Your Style of Living to any room.

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