What we do

kitchen design

Our psychology background and our 23-year proven process allows us to create the best possible solutions for you.

Working from the onset of the project with your architect and/or builder, TMI designs the space from beginning to end.

Our experienced, versatile and down-to-earth designers specialize in creating beautiful spaces that reflect your style of living.

Updated Bedroom

Simply walk in with your suitcase and have a cocktail! Your home is complete.

ways to work with us

Residential & Commercial

New Construction & Large-Scale Renovation

Take advantage of our signature From Plans to Pillows® service where we handle every detail for you. From the beginning of the project, we work alongside the architect and builder to bring your home to life in the following ways:

  • Assist with plan development
  • Carefully curate all details and materials in your home
  • Create a comprehensive furnishings plan
  • Perform construction site walks and solve problems throughout the process
  • Provide luxury styling and installation of furnishings and accessories

Multi-Room Makeover with Furnishings

You may not need full-scale design and project management, but you still want expert guidance and designer details in your home. We can help make your home exude beauty and comfort in the following ways:

  • Develop a unique design style for the project
  • Create space plans for optimal use of each room
  • Curate selections of new furnishings, colors, and finishes perfectly suited to your life and style
  • Provide luxury styling and installation of furnishings
    and accessories

*3 room minimum applies

Builder Selections – Designer For a Day Service.

Take TMI along to your Lakewood Ranch, Wellen Park, or other community design appointment and let us guide you through the best options for Your Style of Living.

  • Create a custom design style for your new home
  • Assist in navigating the custom options
  • Provide expert design advice for timeless finishes

Our from Plans to Pillows® Process

Gather & Plan

The process begins with the signing of TMI’s Letter of Agreement.

Clients then complete our signature lifestyle questionnaire and provide a link to a Pinterest or Houzz idea board that will help us to start the design process.

Finally, we meet for 60 to 90 minutes with all decision-makers to discuss the desired design style, goals and project investment in depth.


We begin the design process with a thorough review of the space both with and without furniture, asking a series of questions such as: How could the areas function better? Has the space been properly utilized? This evaluation may take several meetings between TMI, the homeowners and the architects to perfect the final design plan for you, your family and your home.

Next, we present a complete design plan for your approval. The plan includes the color scheme, furniture placement, finish samples, detailed lighting plan and specifications of all finishes for the project. This creation of this plan can take 8 to 12 weeks, depending on the size and scope of the project.

The development and approval of all pricing and proposals is next and is created within the specified budget for any fixed materials supplied by TMI.

Once the pricing and proposals have been approved, TMI begins finalizing the complete construction documentation of all finishes/materials to be used, including detailed drawings, and shares it with the contractor. The completion of this takes approximately two to three weeks from the time the selections are finalized.

Finally, the furniture selection and specifications are prepared and presented. All inclusive (furniture, rugs, windows, bedding, wallpaper), this aspect of the process follows the budget specified by homeowner.

Every step of the way, any and all pricing and proposals will be shared with the homeowners for their approval before ordering.

Project Management

Our full-service management includes project observation and purchase management.

During the project observation phase, we oversee the construction for your project or installation of finishes and furnishings, making any necessary visits to the project site that TMI deems necessary. We do this to ensure that the appropriate and necessary preparation is being done for the successful application and placement of finishes. TMI serves as your partner in working to resolve any unforeseen issues that may arise during the construction process.

When it comes to purchase management, TMI handles it all—from the purchase of all finishes (if applicable) and furnishings to the expediting of those purchases. All proposals will be issued for your approval before orders are placed. TMI handles whatever is necessary to ensure the satisfactory completion of your project.

Finally, TMI provides bi-monthly tracking reports regarding all purchases related to your project, so you always know the status of your items.

Delivery & Installation

The final vital step in the design process is styling! We want to ensure that your home shines like the jewel it is. TMI handles the scheduling of all materials and furnishings necessary for the completion of your project. All items are shipped to and stored at a local facility. There, our team thoroughly inspects each piece prior to delivery to the job site for installation.

During delivery and installation, a TMI designer will be onsite to assist, including a media day that documents the design with photos and videos.

Finally, it is Reveal Day! This is the most fun and rewarding part of the journey for us, and we break out the champagne to celebrate your new space!

We are delighted and overjoyed with all that Trade Mark Interiors has brought to this project…overall everything is fabulous…the team has been absolutely wonderful to work with, and we are grateful to them for so many reasons.

Dawn and Tim