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Tips for Starting a Home Remodel Project

Are you considering remodeling your home?  Need some tips to help you along the way?  We are here to help!  Let’s get started on sharing some tips to get you prepared for your home remodel project.

3 Steps for Starting a Home Remodel Project

  1. Determining scope of work:
    • What is the project?
    • Come up with a rough budget.
    • Start a wish list and gather inspiration on Pinterest, Houzz, or from magazines.
  2. Find your professionals:
    • These are the KEY influencers!
    • Interior Designer
    • Architect (if needed)
    • Contractor
  3. Trust your team and enjoy the process!



Here at Trade Mark Interiors, our interior designers in Sarasota will work closely with your contractor to make sure the project goes smoothly (to the best of our abilities!).  We will help you navigate the process and work behind the scenes.  Our team will also keep you updated of what to expect along the way.  We want to make this process as enjoyable as possible for you! 

This can be a very stressful time.  Your home is being temporarily disrupted. There will be dirt and dust flying around. Remember it is only for a fraction of time in your life. All this hard work and patience will get you closer to your dream home and bring you added comfort in the very near future.  Stay positive and soon you will be enjoying a newer version of your home.

If you plan on staying in this home for a long period of time after the remodel make sure you are getting what you want – within reason, of course, you still want to come in at or under your budget.  Or if the plan is to sell this home, make sure you keep the resale value in mind.  If you are ever feeling overwhelmed with any of the interior design elements, give us a call at Trade Mark Interiors.  We will be more than happy to help!

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