Summer is in full swing at The White Elephant Project. Tracee and her family are FINALLY moved in and enjoying the fruits of all their hard labor! 

Trade Mark Interior Design team hanging out and enjoying The White Elephant pool

The White Elephant Project was born in 2021, when our CEO, Tracee and her family purchased a 1980’s home that was in need of a FULL renovation. It’s an exciting story of how the house came to be theirs, and you can hear them tell the tale on the first episode here

While it didn’t come without hiccups or “back-ups” (you can hear more about their septic saga on Episode 3). We are happy to say Phase 1 of our project is officially completed. 

One of our absolute favorite parts of this project is the absolutely stunning kitchen. When Tracee was designing The White Elephant kitchen it was important for her to have neutral countertops. Tracee knew she wanted the backsplash of the kitchen to be the “WOW” factor of the space and boy, is it ever! The porcelain marble is absolutely stunning, durable, and exactly as she imagined. You can see all of the amazing elements of The White Elephant Kitchen on Episode 5

We are so happy for Tracee and her family on their gorgeous work this far. There is still so much more to come! 

Stay tuned and subscribe to their YouTube channel to see what happens next!