Key Lighting Trends for 2023

Dec 15, 2022 | Interior Design Inspiration, Interior Design Tips, Trade Mark Interiors

Lighting plays such an important role in an overall design of a space/room. It can set the tone, the mood, and in certain situations, the light fixture itself can be the design element the eye is drawn to the most.

As we head into 2023 we wanted to really explore some of the key lighting trends we expect to see in the new year.

a gorgeous dining/kitchen space with stunning lighting features

Mixing Metals

Don’t be afraid to mix and match your favorite finishes on different light fixtures in the same space. This means you can use a curated mix of finishes to make your home come to life. 

This space has black/glass pendants in the kitchen and a cool wood-ball chandelier with a lighter metal finish.  All work beautifully together for added interest in the space.  Don’t be afraid to mix it up!

a luxury and grand entry way featuring a fun and coastal themed chandelier

Unique Fixtures

Make a statement with your lighting! At Trade Mark, we like to think of lighting as the earrings to the space. Be sure to choose a fixture that represents your style to really be the focal point of your space, and let the rest of the room feel more muted. 

There is a huge selection of lighting out there in the marketplace so take your time to look around for the perfect one.  It is like selecting the jewelry to finish the perfect outfit.  Sometimes subdued and classy but other times it’s wild and fun!  Great place to also incorporate some color for that great accent in any room.

Wall Sconces

We love utilizing sconces instead of bulky table lamps. It saves space and adds a textural element to your walls.  Bathroom sconces make natural sense and provide just the right amount of light for a gorgeous glow when you check your makeup. 

In a living room or bedroom setting, sconces really do add that custom touch for a luxe statement.


Don’t be afraid to use different types of lighting in the same space – recessed cans, indirect LED, and chandeliers. You will be able to create more ambient lighting and control the mood. It’s ALL about control and creating moods. 

These days, you can program your smart devices to set different scenes in your home by incorporating dimmers and various sources of light.  Your lighting is different in the morning than at happy hour or when watching a movie, so you’ll want to plan on having many different types of light to create the perfect environment for each time of day.

Sustainability and Natural Light

Always use natural light where you can! Specify fixtures made from sustainable materials as well as continue to use LED bulbs.  The LED bulbs will last SO long and you can select the color of the light bulbs.  Most stores will have a display on hand for you to see the difference between daylight and warm light, for example.  It does change the color of your room, so play around and have fun. 

Here at TMI, we are looking forward to more sustainable fixtures and those can be made out of recycled glass/materials, bamboo, and even cardboard like are doing out of Seattle and Amsterdam, they are VERY cool!

What design trend is your favorite?

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