This week for our One Room Challenge at The White Elephant we are diving into all the beautiful things that are going to bring the pool bath to LIFE!  This is such a fun room to design as it will be used by the family on pool days and by our guests staying in the adjacent room.  The guest bedroom already has its “design” so to speak as I kept this neutral by doing black and white which allows me to add punches of fun color as accents in a throw, pillow, or art.  Additionally, we can have LOTS of color fun in the pool bath.

Diving Into The Pool Bath Design – Let’s Go!

As always, our team here at Trade Mark Interiors thinks about the function of the space we’re going to design.  When it comes to remodeling a bathroom, it sounds easy enough, right?  On the contrary, this one needs to have a stronger focus on flooring.  It will need to be slip resistant and a little more wet wear and tear.  My design style was inspired by the idea of wanting my guests to experience a joyful vibe when using the space.  I knew the color palette would be broad and landed on a super cool Cole & Sons wallcovering that brings in a strong tropical note that will carry the eye throughout the entire pool bath.  Think tropics, cute little critters, and drama!  

Ultimately, I decided that a small, terrazzo-looking porcelain tile was ideal for the space.  I knew I wanted to have some black in the pool bath and just went for it with a black tile that has touches of white flecks.  The tiles are a little bit smaller in scale which I liked so we will be able to see the grid pattern – using a grey for the grout to add a little contrast, which enhances the view of the grid.  This will also help with the non-skid aspect of the flooring.  

Pool Bath BEFORE our One Room Challenge

Fun & Functional

The bathroom cabinet is on the smaller side also so I wanted the design to be a bit more interesting.  I’m really loving the look of a reeded door and a combo of open and closed storage in here!!  Visual interest and grab-and-go area for the towels!  Striking a nice balance between form and function!

The last key ingredient of the base of the design is the patterned tile going on the walls in the shower.  A playful star-like pattern adds another layer of interest in the bathroom.  Don’t be afraid to mix lots of patterns in your designs.  Layered patterns and colors are the secrets to a designer’s look.

Stay tuned for more updates on our One Room Challenge with Tracee!