As we have shared before, this is a special bathroom remodel project for Trade Mark Interiors and we are so happy to have you along with us on this One Room Challenge journey!  With that being said we are excited to say…  We did it!  The tile is complete in The White Elephant pool bath!  Woohoo!

Let Me Share All The Fun Details With You!  

For starters, the floor tile by Marazzi is a really cool black-and-white terrazzo-looking porcelain tile.  You know I love black in any space and decided the bathroom floor would be perfect for this drama.

Since the bathroom is a high-use room off of the pool area and the guest bedroom, the pattern on the tile is perfect for hiding dirt. Also, I selected the smaller scale tile which makes more grout lines for pattern definition and added slip resistance.  It was very important to me to make the pool bath easy to maintain and not slippery for wet toes coming out of the pool.  

I selected grey grout which will do two things.  One, with the color being lighter than the tile, it will enhance the pattern which was exactly what I was after. Two, it is a little friendlier with dirt than a pure white grout.  My theory on grout selection is to either make it totally stand out or make it blend in with the tile and the decision is based on what the tile and the overall aesthetic is for that room.

It’s A Patterned Tile Palooza!

The shower floor tile is a small white hex with white grout.  Here, I wanted to keep the pattern more subdued with a similar grout color as there are so many other patterns going on in the bathroom.  The shower floor is NOT the star of the show.  However, the classic pattern and color make it a wonderful addition to the space. For shower floors, you must select a smaller-scale tile for proper drainage when you have a standard round center drain.  

Grainman delivered the wall tile and let me tell you it is a STUNNER!  Truly a fabulous and fun pattern! The neutral color goes a long way and it’s a great way to marry all the other exciting things happening here.  Adding this punch of visual interest for the shower continues our pattern palooza in the pool bath.  The shower is a bit small in size so I thought it was important here to go lighter in color with all the other drama happening around us.

Coming up next:  Countertops!  Stay tuned to our One Room Challenge as we head into the final weeks!