We Are Giving You A Behind-the-Scenes Look At Our Interior Design Process

Aug 1, 2023 | Residential Interior Design

Have you recently considered creating your dream space or elevating an existing space? Not quite sure of what all of that would entail?  A frequently asked question is, “What does the interior design process look like?”  Our team takes great pride in the work that we do for our clients and we know the importance of being informed.  Follow along with us as we give you a behind-the-scenes look at our interior design process.

Kickstarting The Interior Design Process

Before we begin a project we ask that you sign TMI’s Letter of Agreement.  One of the ways we try to learn more about you and your vision for the space is through our signature lifestyle questionnaire.  During this part of the process, we also encourage our clients to share their visions through a curated Pinterest or Houzz idea board. This helps to ensure a seamless collaboration as we gain a better understanding of your preferences and goals during a 60 to 90-minute meeting with all key decision-makers.

Evaluating The Space & Its Potential

As we begin the design process we will thoroughly review the space with and without furniture to get a better picture of the potential and functionality of the space. As part of this review, we take into consideration how lighting, color, and furnishings will influence the way you feel when you are in the space.  Psychology plays a key role when it comes to the interior design process and it is so much more than creating an appealing aesthetic.  

For instance, if the goal is to create a warm inviting space we will add in some warm brown tones. The color brown can invoke feelings of safety, warmth, and dependability. Or if the goal is to create a calm feeling we will want to incorporate green into the space. Implementing the right lighting and furnishings to work with the color scheme is also important in supporting the psychology behind interior design. The process of creating the desired look and feel of the space can take typically 8 to 12 weeks, depending on the size and scope of the project.

Bang For Your Buck – Making Every Penny Count

With 23 years in the interior design industry, we have been able to align ourselves with the best vendors and partners to ensure the use of quality products and craftsmanship at fair pricing.  As we progress, we weave the design elements together, synchronizing them with your specified budget. Upon your approval, we move forward with the finalization of construction documentation, including detailed drawings shared with the contractor to work towards the creation of your dream home.

The Journey To Your Dream Home

Our meticulous project management embodies full-service support, overseeing the project’s progress and managing all purchases. Whether the project is a custom home build or a home renovation, our expertise along with a commitment to excellence aids in the efficiencies of our team. 

Before the final reveal of your home, our designers go into the styling phase of the design process.  We can ensure the seamless application of all of the finishing touches. 

Throughout the delivery and installation process, a TMI designer will be present on-site to assist. This includes organizing a media day dedicated to documenting the design through photos and videos. 

The Final Reveal

The TMI team loves a good reveal!  It is truly one of the perks of the interior design process.  We love to see your reaction to the transformation of a space or reveal your new home to you for the first time.  

At Trade Mark Interiors, we take pride in creating spaces that elevate lives and bring dreams to life. Our team will be with you From Plans To Pillows®.  Let us know when you are ready for Trade Mark Interiors to bring the home of your dreams to life.  Schedule a discovery call with the TMI team.

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