With love in the air during Valentine’s season, we may get inspired to add a little extra romance to our lives.  When it comes to adding romance to the rooms of our homes we do not necessarily need to add pops of red or pink for it to feel romantic. Want to learn how you can add a touch of romance to any space in your home? 

Color & Texture

You can add romance to any space in the home with the right colors and textures.  Soft pastels and dreamy neutrals can make the space feel cozy.  Introducing luxurious fabrics, like silk, faux fur, or even velvet, to a room will add to the romantic ambiance.  Textured throw pillows or blankets can be the perfect addition to the room especially if you do not want to commit to permanent changes.  


Having the right amount of lighting in a space makes a significant difference.  It is always a good idea to have natural lighting in your home. Speaking of having natural lighting, sheer or billowing curtains can be the perfect complement to the natural light that is coming through the windows.  

Lighting fixtures that dim or change color can also give your room an enchanting glow.  Stick to mellow or soft lighting.  Don’t be afraid to introduce different types of lighting into one space.  Again, being able to change your lighting settings will be key in creating the perfect ambiance. 


Having an arrangement of fresh flowers not only looks romantic but also helps the room smell amazing.  The combination of visual appeal and fragrance pays tribute to romance perfectly.  Adding fresh flowers throughout the home does change the tone of any room and can lift your spirits.  The flowers don’t have to be expensive – pick them up at your local farmers market or supermarket.  Better yet, pick them from your very own garden.  

There are multiple ways to incorporate romance throughout your home.  Clean, classy, and clutter-free spaces always make for a good foundation for interior design.  

The interior design of a house truly does help set the tone of the entire home.  Want to make a change to your home or give it a little refresh?  The team here at Trade Mark Interiors can make it happen.

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