As we all grow to be more conscious of sustainability and creative expression, the practice of upcycling and repurposing furniture or other elements of the home.  We have embraced this trend that combines environmental consciousness with artistic flair. Here at Trade Mark Interiors, we have an appreciation for incorporating different antiques and repurposed pieces into a home.  It can be a fun way to amp up the charm factor in any space.

Where To Find Charming Pieces For Your Home 

The team at Trade Mark Interiors welcomes the challenge of finding unique pieces that will make your home stand out and we are happy to share some of those tips with you.  Start by utilizing Google.  We like to Google “most interesting or unique furniture stores in the area.”  You will be amazed by all the hidden gems different areas have to offer, even if you need to travel a little outside your city or town.  It will be worth it once you fall in love with your fun finds.

What To Look For

It is one thing when you have something in particular in mind that will set you on your course to find interesting pieces for your home.  Many people don’t know what they should be looking for and that is perfectly fine.  TMI would like to recommend starting with smaller items that bring in the charm you feel your home needs.  It could be anything from antique books, hand-carved wood boxes, or small frames that will make a portrait or small piece of art stand out.  Once you get a start on your sense of style and charm for your home, you may feel more comfortable leaning into some of the bigger items.  

Where To Start When It Comes To Repurposing Items

Find projects that you are not investing too much time or money in for a first-time project.  It could be something small like a bedside table that may need to be lightly sanded and would look amazing with a matte black finish.  That could be a fun first project or if you want to go even smaller you can repurpose some of your candle jars, to hold small office supplies, hair ties, or other little trinkets.  These can be really fun projects and you may enjoy the sense of pride you feel once you complete them.

A little coastal Inspiration – a clock with a nautical feel.

How To Mix & Mingle Your New Finds Into Your Home’s Decor

More than likely the pieces you have found or repurposed will be in line with your sense of style and work well with other pieces in your home.  Incorporating antiques or repurposed pieces can be the perfect complement to your home.  For example, if you found an antique magnifying glass in your favorite antique shop it will more than likely be the perfect piece to place on your coffee table books.  

Another example would be if you have a coastal feel in your home you may want to bring in pieces that complement that.  A maritime clock or a clock that has a nautical feel can work perfectly in spaces with a coastal vibe. Plus, pieces like this are classic and can be appreciated for many years.

If you are new to shopping for antiques or repurposing pieces of furniture try to make it a fun adventure.  As we mentioned earlier we enjoy finding those pieces that make a statement in your home.  Our team loves to celebrate Your Style Of Living.  For more information on how we can help you, schedule a discovery call with TMI today.